Applying for Funding

The Office of Research Services is responsible for checking applications, registering applications in the Office of Research Services database and final signing authority. For all external research grant applications, a complete, original application with a completed Research Project Information Form must be submitted to be endorsed by UBC's Okanagan campus Provost and Vice-Principal or his nominee. Applications cannot be accepted without a completed signature form.

Submission to ORS

Complete, original, not stapled, single-sided version of the research grant application

Research Project Information Form (RPIF) complete with required signatures

*Note: if the grant includes co-applicants from different Okanagan campus departments, the signature page must be completed by both applicants and must include the required signatures from both departments.

**If you have not made a formal application to an agency, but receive notification of a funding award, you must complete a Grant Information Form (with required signatures) and submit a copy of the award letter and any documents relating to reporting requirement etc. 

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Submission to Funding Agency

In cases where direct electronic submission by the applicant is required, applicants must ensure that the Office of Research Services has checked the application and it has been endorsed appropriately before submitting the electronic version to the funding agency. The Office of Research Services does not accept scanned applications. If you are submitting through the mail system, please allow enough time to reach your destination. The applicant is responsible for duplication and mailing.  

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Grant Review Assistance

Applicants requiring assistance with an application should submit a draft application at least three weeks prior to the Office of Research Services internal deadline. During Tri Council deadlines at least four weeks will be required for any revisions or grant facilitation. 

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Research Ethics Requirements

If human subjects / animal subjects / biohazard materials are used for the project, the appropriate certificates of approval are required to be in place as funds will NOT be released until this requirement is met. For a certificate of approval to be valid it must state the exact title of the project and funding agency.

Visit the Behavioural Research Ethics Board for more information.  

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SSHRC Insight Grant eSubmission Procedures

SSHRC's eSubmission process for SSHRC's October 16, 2017 application to the Insight Grant - 2017 competition requires UBC Office of Research Services (ORS) to electronically approve applications via the research portal. 

Please review the information below carefully and contact our office with any questions:

CIHR Project Grant eSubmission Procedures

CIHR's eSubmission process for CIHR's September 15, 2017 application to the Project Grant competition requires UBC Office of Research Services (ORS) to electronically approve applications via ResearchNet.

Please review the information below carefully and contact our office with any questions:



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Important Application Notes

Budgets should be properly costed and include administrative overheads where appropriate. Projects that involve the establishment or refurbishment of facilities or the purchase and installation of equipment should be discussed with Supply Management to ensure that all costs are correctly identified.

Applications including cash and in-kind contributions must have formal confirmation from the relevant Unit Heads, Deans or other appropriate authority that the contributions will be provided.

In the event that an external body is providing a contribution, the application should be accompanied by an appropriately signed letter of support on the organization’s letterhead that details the cash and/or in kind support as well as the purpose(s) of the contribution.

Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all details in the application are true and correct and must provide certification to this effect on submission of the application.

UBC's Okanagan campus Provost and Vice-Principal has the discretion to reject applications which are not considered to be of suitable standard or that do not meet a funder’s criteria.

Supervisors and/or Unit Heads/Deans are responsible for checking and ensuring the quality of postgraduate research students’ applications.

Project / Grant Account (P/G) Set-up

Once you receive an award notice from the sponsoring agency informing you of an approved grant, you will need to open an account for your research project.