Research Facilitation

Research Facilitators on the Okanagan campus support researchers by providing the following services:

  • Disseminate information on funding opportunities and deadlines
  • Develop grant proposals through one-on-one support with researchers
  • Provide sample proposals, templates and guides to assist in proposal development
  • Offer criteria review of proposals
  • Advise on how to construct the strongest proposals for submission
  • Support large network and team grants or major strategic grants
  • Develop budgets and help researchers identify funding sources
  • Liaise with funding agencies
  • Administer internal processes and timelines on the Okanagan campus
  • Provide local onsite access to some of the services and resources offered by the Vancouver campus SPARC and the Institutional Programs Office
  • Coordinate with the Vancouver campus ORSSPARC and Institutional Programs Office for internal peer reviews, signatures and submissions to funding agencies

Research Facilitation Resources & Support for the NSERC Discovery Grant Program

Several info sessions and workshops are being offered to researchers planning to apply to the 2018 NSERC Discovery Grant (DG) Program. In addition, proposal and criteria review will be offered for this competition. All resources and services will be available soon, in the meantime please contact Rick Federley if you have any questions on this program. Sample grants and additional resources for this competition are also available on the SPARC website.

Okanagan Campus Research Facilitation Contacts

By area of expertise:

Natural Sciences and Engineering TBD (hiring in progress)
Health Sciences
Institutional Programs (CFI/BCKDF)
Pierre Rondier
Ph. 250.807.9438
Fipke 318
Social Sciences
Brianna Wells
Ph: 250.807.8520
Fipke 318