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The Office of Research Services seeks to advance research at UBC's Okanagan campus through the provision of high quality administrative service and support, in turn enhancing the promotion, development and management of research, knowledge transfer and innovation. Our goal is to provide an efficient, supportive “one stop” service to our faculty through a reliable and professional approach to research management.

The Office of Research Services assists faculty and students seeking assistance in obtaining research funding and is responsible for:

Sourcing Funding
Providing information regarding research project/funding opportunities
Collaboration Facilitation
Facilitating interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary collaborations among researchers
Providing information on the research ethics approval process
Grant Administration
Structuring and administering grant competitions
Research Facilitation
Providing advice (proofreading, troubleshooting) and guidance in the preparation of research grant proposals, offering workshops to assist with successful preparation of grant proposals
Policy Compliance
Ensuring grant proposals comply with internal and external regulations and/or policies
Account set-up
Issuing Project Grants (PG) for accessing and managing research funding
Research Promotion
Promoting research activity and achievement, including events

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We seek to support and facilitate research at UBC Okanagan by providing high quality services to faculty, staff, and external partners.


The Office of Research Services at UBC's Okanagan campus values and respects all members of our community, each of whom individually and collaboratively makes a contribution to create, strengthen, and enrich our research environment.

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