Ethics & Compliance

Lisa Shearer guiding ethics workshop

UBC’s Research Ethics Boards

UBC’s Research Ethics Boards (REBs) are independent committees established by the university and in partnership with its affiliated hospitals and research institutes to ensure the privacy and protection of human subjects.

Any research or study conducted at UBC’s Okanagan campus facilities or undertaken by persons connected to the university involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate research ethics board (REB). There are six affiliated UBC REBs:

  1. UBC Behavioural Research Ethics Board (BREB)
  2. UBC Clinical Research Ethics Board (CREB)
  3. UBC Okanagan Behavioural Research Ethics Board (UBCO-BREB)
  4. BC Cancer Research Ethics Board
  5. Children and Women’s Research Ethics Board
  6. Providence Healthcare Research Ethics Board

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Researchers can access and submit ethics applications through the Research Information Services (RISe) website.