Research Account Management

ORS manages procedures for opening and closing research accounts, as well as subgranting to and from accounts, and transferring accounts to and from UBC.

Rachel Howard accepting a funding application

Account Creation

Once research funds (or notification thereof) are received, ORS is responsible for opening and administering corresponding research accounts. An account is opened once award documents and compliance requirements are in place, and the resulting ‘worktag’ (formerly ‘PG’) gives the PI access to their research funds.

Account Management

All research account holders have specific responsibilities at UBC:

  • Follow agency policies and guidelines on the use of funds in the grant.
  • Authorize and review expenditures posted to the grant.
  • Provide progress reports to agencies as required on a timely basis.
  • Review and notify the Office of Research Services or the University-Industry Liaison Office (UILO) of any budget discrepancies in their grant.
  • Review and notify Research Finance of any revenue or expense discrepancies in their grant.
  • Adhere to the UBC Overexpenditure Policy #FM4 and ensure the grant is not overspent.
  • Notify the granting agency and the Office of Research Services of any change in academic status.
  • Notify Research Finance when research is complete and to authorize the close out of the Grant. Unless unused funds are being returned to the granting agency, the balance of the Grant should be zero.
  • Ensure research expenditures are billed to the correct “worktag” or grant account. Funds associated with one grant may be distributed into several worktags, depending on sponsor requirements.
  • SSHRC updated Terms and Conditions of Grants 2023


Guidance on completing a Research Project Information Form (RPIF)

Research Finance
Ensures that all sponsored research funds at UBC’s Okanagan campus are administered in compliance with funding agency, university, and accounting policies.

University Industry Liaison Office
If your project builds on or requires a contract to be signed with a government or industry partner, the UILO team will be part of your application.

Request for Project Grant (administrative use)