Transferring Research Funds

See below procedures and key resources needed for moving research money to or from UBC Okanagan.

Transferring a Tri-agency Research Account TO UBC

The transfer of a grant to a new institution must be initiation by the institution currently administering it.  To complete a transfer, ORS must receive

  1.  An RPIF, copy of funding application, and original award letter
  2. A form 303 from the institution currently administering the grant

Once these documents are received, ORS will finalize the form 303 with UBC institutional signature. Further information on transferring Tri-Agency Grants available within the Tri-Agency Guide on Financial Administration.


Transferring a Tri-agency research account FROM UBC

Transfer of a SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, or NFRF grant to a new institution must be initiated by the institution currently administering it.  To initiate a transfer from UBC to another eligible institution, ORS must receive

  1. Grant Amendment form
  2. Form 300 + Form 303 (completed by research finance)

Once these documents are received, ORS will submit the grant transfer package to the tri-agencies on behalf of the researcher.

Researchers must also follow internal procedures at the institution receiving the grant.

Sending a Subgrant

  1. Account holder (PI) must ascertain that the intended subgrantee is eligible to receive the subgrant: typically this means they are formally listed as a co-applicant
  2. If necessary, a grant amendment form can be completed to request adding a new co-applicant to an existing project for tri-agency grants
  3. The Account holder (PI) submits a request for subgrant form to ORS. Note that there is a separate form to request subgrants for UBC Internal grants.


Receiving a Subgrant

  1. For external funding, subgrant recipient (co-applicant) should have submitted an RPIF and copy of completed application to ORS at the time the grant application was submitted to the funding agency.
  2. Research Services at the institution administering the overall grant will send a research contract to UBC Okanagan ORS for signature.
  3. Once the RPIF & application copy have been received and the research contract has been signed, UBC Okanagan ORS  will set up the subgrant account.