Research Ethics

Behavioural Research Ethics Board

In February 2009, the Okanagan Campus Behavioural Research Ethics Board (BREB) commenced operations. The BREB is responsible for reviewing research that involves human subjects in procedures that require potential invasions of privacy (such as participation in questionnaires, interviews, observation, data linkage, secondary use of data, deception, testing, video and audio taping).

Any research or study conducted at UBC’s Okanagan campus facilities or undertaken by persons connected to the University involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the BREB. Researchers will be able to access ethics applications through the Researcher Information Services (RISe) website.

UBC Research Ethics Board – Review During Publicly Declared Emergencies

For important information on behavioural research please see the bulletin.

For information on the research ethics review during emergencies, please see the Standard Operating Procedure, SOP 501.

While acknowledging that the Public Health Agency of Canada currently assesses the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for the general population in Canada, there is currently  a great deal of uncertainty relating to COVID-19. The attached document contains FAQs that address some of the key concerns relating to ongoing research. The document also provide contacts (for both campuses) if further information is needed.

The information is also available at:

Okanagan Campus BREB Membership

  • Wendy Klassen, Co-Chair
  • Carolyn Szostak, Co-Chair
  • Carlos Teixeira
  • Marvin Krank
  • Eric Li
  • John-Tyler Binfet
  • Laura Patterson
  • Sarah Dow-Fleisner
  • Christine Schreyer, Alternate
  • Jeremy Burgess, Alternate Legal Representative
  • Henry Mainemer, Community Member
  • Taryn Moore, Alternate Community Member; Legal Representative

Meeting Dates & Application Deadlines

Full Board (non-expedited) review proposals only.

  • Submit your application in RISe by midnight on the specified deadline date in order to have your application reviewed at the corresponding meeting.
  • Meeting and deadline dates may change; review often.
  • Remember that your application will first go to your department head for review and approval; this may add extra time to your submission. It is suggested that you submit your application at least THREE days before the deadline to allow for department review and approval.
  • Proposals that meet the criteria for minimal risk qualify for expedited review and are reviewed on an ongoing basis; there are no deadlines for expedited reviews.

2020 Dates

Meeting Date       Deadline for Application Submission (RISe)
January 20 January 8
February 24 February 12
March 23 March 11
April 20 April 8
May 25 May 13
June 15 June 3
July 20 July 8
August 17 August 5
September 21 September 9
October 19 October 7
November 16 November 4
December 21 December 9

Monthly RISe Drop-In Sessions

The Office of Research Services will be offering monthly RISe drop-in sessions. If you’re looking for assistance with your RISe ethics application or need help navigating in RISe, feel free to drop by with any questions you have.

Drop-in sessions held the last Thursday of each month, 2:30-4:00pm in FIP 317. Dates are also posted on the RISe page.