Dr. Philip Barker
Vice Principal, Research

Kristen Korberg
Associate Director, Office of Research Services
Tel: 250.807.8832
My goal is to ensure the ORS team provides, through policy, procedure, and performance, the best possible service to the Okanagan research community. The ORS team is happy, skilled, and professional – and completely dedicated to the research at UBCO. I also wish to support UBC’s larger research mission and vision through continually re-evaluating our programs and activity to ensure we are allocating research resources in a way that best complements this vision.

Pierre Rondier
Research Support Specialist (Health Sciences & Institutional Programs)
Tel: 250.807.9438

Brianna Wells
Research Support Specialist (SSHRC)
Tel: 250.807.8520

Denise Maines
Research Support Specialist (NSERC)
Tel: 250.807.8510

Gabrielle Legault
Indigenous Community Liaison
Tel: 250.807.8187

Danielle Lamb
Awards & Communications Officer
Tel: 250.807.9658

Lisa Shearer
Associate Manager, Behavioural Research Ethics Board
Tel: 250.807.8289
As the Associate Manager of the Behavioural Research Ethics Board at UBC Okanagan, my goal is to provide superior REB administration so that the ethical review process is smooth and seamless, allowing researchers to proceed with their research without delay. I believe that the review process should be seen as the valuable service that it is, rather than an administrative hurdle.

Rachel Howard
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 250.807.9412