Indirect Cost Rates at UBC Okanagan

There have been several changes to indirect costs of research rates (ICR) and policies at UBC over the last several years and this information is designed to clarify the appropriate indirect costs rates and policies that should be applied to non-Tri-Council research performed on the UBC Okanagan campus.

1. The following table describes appropriate indirect costs rates on the UBCO campus:

Nature of Agreement % ICR charged
Standard collaborative agreement 40
Government grants and contracts 25
Industry match with Tri-Council 25
Non-industry funding 25
Philanthropic donations 15


2. The distribution of ICR income is:

  • Central Services (General Purpose Operating Fund: 25%
  • Faculty Dean: 75%

3. If research is conducted primarily at an approved centre or institute, the allocation is:

  • Central Services (General Purpose Operating Fund): 25%
  • Faculty Dean: 25%
  • Eligible Centre or Institute: 50%

4. The UBC Policy on reducing or waiving indirect costs is as follows:

After May 1, 2015, all discretionary powers for the recovery rate of indirect costs (for projects not covered by the standard or published verified rates) rests with the Deans of the faculties and not with the Vice President Research & International Office.

The indirect costs rates posted in the table above should be obtained under normal circumstances. If a waiver is provided, the Faculty allocation will be decreased to reflect this, while the central allocation will remain unchanged.