Signature Policy

Application materials for all external grant applications must be presented to ORS for signature on behalf of the institution* with a completed Research Project Information Form.

*For applications which require naming and/or signature of the University Financial Officer, please contact Research Finance.

In addition to fulfilling the signature requirements of the agency to which you are applying, you must also fulfill the signature requirements of the University.  By University Policy, all proposals for external funding for research and other projects must be signed in the following order by:

  1. Principal Applicant (and co-applicants if any)
  2. UBC Department/Unit Head (or Director of a School or Institute)
  3. Faculty Dean or designate
  4. Designated Institutional Signature (via the Office of Research Services)

No UBC Person can sign contracts or commitments which are binding on UBC unless they have been delegated that authority by the UBC Board of Governors pursuant to a Board of Governors Policy or pursuant to a Signing Resolution issued by the Signing Committee of the UBC Board of Governors. UBC may refuse any award of Research Funds arising from a contract not properly signed.

The Policy applies equally to:

  1. Funding requests for new projects
  2. Letters of Intent
  3. Requests for renewal or supplemental funding for existing projects
  4. Requests made by letter or by written proposal as well as those prepared on preprinted forms
  5. All faculty awards and fellowships, even when the funds will not be administered by UBC’s Okanagan campus
  6. Post Doctoral Fellowships which will be administered by UBC’s Okanagan campus
  7. All graduate or undergraduate scholarships & fellowships which will include a research or travel allowance to be administered by UBC’s Okanagan campus

The Policy does NOT apply to forms that are a ‘Notification of Intent to Apply’, such as the NSERC Discovery Grant NOI or the CIHR registration package. No Research Services signature is required at the initial stage of these opportunities unless a budgetary commitment is involved.

If you are unsure of whether you require a signature, please contact us to confirm.

Implications of Application Signatures

The signature of the Applicant affirms that:

  • The information in the application is complete and accurate to the best knowledge of the applicant.
  • The applicant has sufficient space and resources to do the research.
  • If an award is made, the applicant agrees to abide by the award regulations of the granting agency.
  • If an award is made, the applicant will use the award only for the purposes for which the award was made.
  • If an award is made, the applicant agrees to abide by the UBC Research Policies, including the requirement of meeting all regulations regarding the use of animal subjects, human subjects and biohazardous materials and biosafety considerations.
  • For applications for funding from the federal granting councils (CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC), the applicant acknowledges that they have read and agree to the terms of the Agreement on the Administration of Agency Grants and Awards by Research Institutions []

The signature of Dean/Department Head affirms that:

  • The applicant has an appropriate academic appointment with their unit covering the period of the proposed grant or contract.
  • The applicant has appropriate space available to do the research.
  • The Head/Dean will take responsibility for resolving any over-expenditures.
  • The Head/Dean will fulfill their obligations to the funding agency.
  • The Head/Dean will ensure that Research Services is notified if there is a change in status of the awardee.
  • The Head/Dean has verified adherence to Policy #SC3 conflict of interest guidelines with respect to honoraria.
  • Any internal Departmental/Faculty requirements have been met.

The signature of the Office of Research Services affirms that:

  • The applicant is eligible to apply.
  • The application has been signed by the appropriate Head/Dean.
  • If an award is made, UBC is able and willing to administer the funds on behalf of the granting agency in accordance with the guidelines of the granting agency.
  • If an award is made, Research Services will notify the granting agency when it becomes aware of any change in status of the awardee.
  • If an award is made, the University will not release funding to the awardee until all award conditions of the granting agency and the University have been met, including the regulatory requirements on the use of animal subjects, human subjects and biohazardous materials.