Internal Deadlines


Internal deadlines are set to allow time for reviewing and processing of applications and gathering institutional signature while ensuring sufficient time for submission to the granting body by the due date. ORS requests two business days (48 hours) prior to any sponsor deadline at minimum, and may set a longer deadline in the event of high volume submission periods. It is recommended that applicants check ORS’ funding deadlines page or contact ORS Reception to confirm. Please note that Faculties may have their own internal schedule in addition to the ORS deadline and applicants should consult with their Head/Dean’s office.

Research grant applications submitted after the internal deadline may not be accepted. The Associate Director,  Office of Research Services, may approve the submission of a late application if it is considered that there are genuine extenuating circumstances.

Please note that submissions requiring Institutional intervention/submission (e.g. NSERC DG, SSHRC IG, CIHR Foundation, etc.) in a agency portal may require additional time and applicants should plan accordingly.

Note: All applications for research funding must be submitted in person or by email to the Office of Research Services with a signed Research Project Information Form (RPIF) on or before the internal deadline.

Do not submit grant applications or any supporting documentation via inter-campus mail.

Individuals or departments presenting applications for signature will be contacted as soon as the documents are ready for pickup or submission.