Invited International Distinguished Visitor Fund

The Invited International Distinguished Visitor Fund provides opportunities for UBC faculty to invite international colleagues to visit UBC and engage with the campus community and share their research and expertise.  Examples of engagement activities include providing presentations and workshops; conducting research activities; and collaborating with faculty and students.  The application must be submitted by a faculty member at UBC’s Okanagan campus on behalf of their international colleague for this funding.  The Office of Research Services is available to facilitate the pairing of suitable research colleagues if an interested international applicant is not currently connected with a faculty member at UBC’s Okanagan campus.

For more information, please contact Kirsten Bennett, Manager, Campus Internationalization:

**Application Deadline: October 15 and February 15 Annually**

Reichwald Germanic Studies Award for Research & Creative Activity

The intent of the Reichwald Germanic Studies Award for Research and Creative Activity is to promote and to facilitate faculty research and creative activity related to any area of German society. The award will support a tenured or tenure-track faculty member at UBC’s Okanagan campus to undertake research or creative activity that engages with issues of relevance to the German-Canadian community or to German intellectual, scientific, historical, political, socio-economic, and/or cultural development within Canada or internationally. The research or creative activity must be related to German society, but need not take place in Germany. See the Program Terms below for full details on this opportunity.

Application Deadline: April 30

Request for Funding / Support from the VPR

Through its annual budget, the Office of the Vice Principal Research has allocated a limited amount of funding that can provide financial assistance to the UBCO faculty research community, outside of the current internal funding opportunities.  Contingent on the level of funding, the VPR may offer the following types of support: Matching Funds, Letters of Support, Cost-Sharing Funds (events/conferences/workshops/seminars), and other funding requests. See the Program Terms below for full details on this opportunity.

Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) Research Grant

Application Deadline: August 31

Value: Up to $5,000

Funding for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Research Grant program is made available through the SSHRC Institutional Explore and Exchange Grants. This award is specifically designed to promote research in the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

Hampton Fund Programs

Application Deadline: September 3

Value: $10,000

Hampton New Faculty Grant Purpose: To support the early stages of the research programs of tenure-track Assistant Professors hired within the last 18 months

Hampton Established Scholar Grant Purpose: To fund established scholars seeking to to implement a research project that will in turn enable them to secure SSHRC funding”

Please visit SPARC website for more information or contact Brianna Wells.

SSH Bridge Funding Programs

The Office of the Vice-President of Research and Innovation (VPRI) in partnership with the Support Programs to Advance Research Capacity (SPARC) is pleased to introduce a pilot Bridge Funding Program to support researchers that wish to improve and re-submit applications that were unsuccessful in the preceding Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) competition cycle.

Please visit SPARC website to access application and submission requirements.

SSHRC Explore and Exchange: Small Grant

Formerly the HSS Small Grant

Application Deadline: March 15

Value: $1000 – $2500

The Vice-President Research at UBC Okanagan will support an adjudicated competition drawing on the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Institutional Grants (SIG) and General Research Fund (GRF) to offset research costs related to 1) developing new projects, and 2) completing outputs for projects nearing completion. This Pilot program will run annually in March from 2019 – 2021, with results announced in May.

SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Support

The Office of the VPR will provide one interdisciplinary team application with institutional support for each SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis competition. Support will include:

  • Pre-award project management to help identify team members and facilitate team meetings and communication
  • Proposal development
  • Up to $10,000 if application is successful to be used for PI course release or RA salary support

Applicants interested in the internal funding opportunity will be asked to submit a brief outline of their proposed knowledge synthesis approach (max 1 pg, Times New Roman 12 pt, single-spaced) along with a current CV within one week of the funding announcement. Only one proposal per round of funding will receive institutional endorsement and financial support; final decisions will be made by the VPR. Interested researchers should contact Pierre Rondier ( in advance of the call to discuss the KS program.

Student Funding Opportunities

Lashley and Mary Haggman Memory Research Award

The Lashley and Mary Haggman Memory Research Award has been established to assist faculty and graduate students to conduct research on memory or memory related issues. Graduate students pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Health and Social Development, Psychology, or Computer Science are eligible for the award. The graduate student award program will support a student summer research project at the Okanagan campus.

Deadline: May 15

International Undergraduate Research Award

Application Deadline: Faculty dependent

Value: $9,000 plus up to $1,500 for research related expenses

The international undergraduate research award (IURA) program supports international and undergraduate students to pursue innovative and original research as part of their learning experience while studying at UBC’s Okanagan campus. This award, offered through your faculty in partnership with the International Student Initiative, provides international undergraduate students an exceptional learning experience through engagement in research over the summer months. Students completing 75 credits by summer each year are eligible to submit proposals through their faculty for the award. Please contact your faculty for more information.

Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences:
Arts: Dr. Bonar Buffam – 250.807.9223 |
Sciences: Dr. Kirsten Wolthers – 250.807.8663 | 

Faculty of Management:
Mary Butterfield – 250.807.8157 |

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies:
Shauna Oddleifson – 250.807.9864 |

School of Engineering:
Tanya Chartrand – 250.807.8101 |

Faculty of Health and Social Development:
Jennifer Rhodes – 250.807.9904 |

Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Award 

Application Deadline: January 25, 2019
Value: $7,500 plus up to $1,500 for research related expenses

Click here for information on this award.